To whom it may concern,

I purchased a Honda Pilot 2006 EX from JW Motors in November, 2011. This was the best car buying experience. The gentlemen were very professional. I contacted them via email about the SUV I saw on their webpage and was very interested in. I made an appointment and they had the SUV ready for me to test ride and numbers for me to think about. Everything was just very easy and done with respect. I was scared that I would not qualify for a loan, given my bad credit, but they found a bank to work with me and I drove off the lot that very same day. I would definitely purchase another car from JW Motors!

Thanks guys for your dedication!

Ramona J. Johnson, M.Ed.

Program Manager

After School Program

The Commonweal Foundation, Inc.

10770 Columbia Pike Suite 150

Silver Spring, MD 20901

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